Our Story

ABWHE has been an advocate for and celebrant of the accomplishments of Black women in higher education for more than three decades.

Please join us in supporting and empowering sister scholars, staff, and students to secure our presence and prosperity for generations to come. Black women in the higher education community need a variety of resources and networks to foster their professional development and advocated for their presence and prosperity in the academy.To help meet that need, in 1978, thirteen visionary women meeting in Albany, New York founded the Association of Black Women in Higher Education, Inc.(ABWHE).

Today, ABWHE has seven chapters nationwide. Since its inception, ABWHE has served as a forum for developing strategies to improve the quality of education of Black people, with particular emphasis on encouraging Black youth to take full advantage of available educational opportunities. ABWHE is committed to aiding Black women in the academy in fulfilling their own aspirations as well as encouraging Black youth to pursue their education.

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Black Women in Higher Education is committed to our national motto:

"Lifting as we climb..."


The Association of Black Women in Higher Education is a national membership organization whose mission is:

To promote the intellectual growth and educational development of Black women in higher education,To seek to eliminate racism, sexism, classism, and other social barriers that hinder Black women in higher education from achieving their human potential,To communicate the history, personal and professional achievements and contributions of Black women in higher education in order to help preserve the presence of Blacks in higher education,To provide academic and social mentoring for Black youth in order to insure a future generation of Blacks in higher education, and To utilize our talents, strengths, and expertise to advance a vision of social justice.